By: Tina Parker

Why is Real Estate in High Demand in Nova Scotia

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For the longest time, the populaton and real estate in Nova Scotia were in a steady incline but fast forward to 2020, the perfect storm of circumstances created a demand in real estate unlike any time before.

There are five primary drivers for this demand:

  1. Remote working is allowing people to choose lifestyle over destination and the Atlantic provinces offer a relatively affordable lifestyle unlike other larger cities.
  2. I believe our approach to managing Covid brought attention to the beauty that is the Atlantic provinces and becoming an attractive place to retire.
  3. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program proved successful and is now extended.
  4. People who moved away for their careers in previous years are retiring and returning home.
  5. The construction industry is in dire need for Trades people and special skills so we see new people and many people returning home who may have moved west when there was a construction boom and no work here.  Some companies are buying property to rent to people they can attract as well

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