By: Tina Parker

Interpreting Housing Market Warnings - Simple Video Explanation

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Not me, nor my content (have permission) but I have to share this invaluable video explanation of how to read the warning signs in the housing market. This is easily explained so you feel empowered to prepare yourself for the ebbs and flows of the economy.

The housing market and the Fed are linked together, even if investors wish they weren’t. Most stock, real estate, and other asset investors miss the telltale signs that something is about to change, while up-to-date investors can spot a warning sign from a mile away. But where do these warning signs come from, and how do you know what forecasts a housing market boom and what predicts a housing market bubble?
If you want to be an educated investor, you’ll want to look at a few things: market sentiment, interest rates, and the supply of money. All three of these factors can point you to future market moves, which could allow you to lock up real estate deals for cheap, or sell before an impending crash happens. In the same way that the tide rises and falls every day, so too does the housing market cycle give hints as to when it’ll be a boom or bust period.
Kathy Fettke, our designated developing, multifamily, and market expert, has found the perfect place to give us a housing market metaphor. Before she takes off for a sunrise surf, Kathy walks through exactly how to tell housing market facts from fiction and what you can do next time one of these warning signs is vocalized.
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