The Halifax Real Estate Marketplace

The Halifax real estate market includes all of Halifax Regional Municipality. The city is broken down into MLS area codes that are listed below.

As of the third quarter of 2018, The HRM real estate market is balanced for the first time in years, moving away from a lengthy buyer’s market. Click here for the 2018 Q3 HRM Market Report.
  Property values tend to rise moderately in Halifax, and at a steady pace. An average year would see prices rise between 2% and 5%. The second quarter in HRM saw an increase of 4% over last year’s second quarter.

So what can you expect if you purchase a home in Halifax? You can expect a steady marketplace with modest price increases and not the huge fluctuations that are seen in some of the larger cities in Canada. A solid, safe investment.

Click on the MLS Area Code for 2018 Q3 localized market report.

AREA 1 - Halifax Central
AREA 2 - Halifax South (Peninsula)
AREA 3 – Halifax North
AREA 4 - Halifax West
AREA 5 - Fairmount, Rockingham, Clayton Park
AREA  6 - Fairview
AREA 7 - Spryfield
AREA 8 - Armdale, Purcell's Cove, Herring Cove
AREA 9 - Harrietsfield, Sambro & Halibut Bay
AREA 10 - Dartmouth Downtown - Burnside
AREA 11 - Dartmouth Woodside, Eastern Passage Cowbay
AREA 12 - Southdale, Manor Park
AREA 13 - Creighton Park, Albro Lake
AREA 14 - Montebellow, Port Wallis, Keystone
AREA 15 - Forrest Hills
AREA 16 - Colby Area
AREA 17 - Woodlawn, Portland Estates, Nantucket
AREA 20 - Bedford 
AREA 21 - Kingswood, Haliburton Hills & Hammonds Plains
AREA 25 - Sackville
AREA 26 - Beaverbank, Upper Sackville
AREA 30 - Waverley, Fall River, Oakfield
AREA 31 - Lawrencetown, Lake Echo, Porter's Lake
AREA 35 – Halifax County East
AREA 40 - Timberlea, Prospect, St. Margaret's Bay
AREA 105 – East Hants, Colchester West